Saturday, July 5, 2008

Style Therapy at Petite Fashionista Presents

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a Style Therapy session at the premier Petite Fashionista Presents event held at Proof Bar/Sky Lounge at The Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto.

The topic at hand was one very dear to me, being 5'4" (with heels) myself: Petite Tips and Tricks, or what I call 'Presto Changeos' that can make the 'ok' items in your closet ones that are infused with personal style and fitting to a petite frame. Many of you have requested a list of the tips I shared during the show, and now, here they are:

1. Blouses/button down shirts should skim your frame, rather than hang loosely from it to maintain a longer, leaner body line. To make use of 'too loose' tops, try keeping the top untucked and cinching a belt over it at your natural waistline to bring the fabric closer to your body and creating a hint of an hourglass shape
2. Petite especially benefit from bringing attention to the face and neck, helping others to see our height. To benefit from this keep necklines open, showing some collarbone and directing the attention upward, using a boat, scoop or v-neck or leaving and extra button open on your blouse (not too low please!) depending on your face and body shape. To dress up the neckline add in a statement necklace that fills some of the space but still allows skin to peek through.
3. Ensure that city or Bermuda shorts fall 1"-1.5" above the knee to benefit from the longest leg line possible. Pairing these with wedges or sandals with a small heel will maximize the effect, while flats; on the other hand, will shorten the leg. The Theory Palmer S Bermuda short to the right is from
4. Look for heel heights that are proportionate to your height and body shape. As petites we tend to look for the most height we can get! While we may feel taller, we actually look even smaller, teetering on top of overly high heels, which defeats the purpose, doesn't it? An ideal heel height for work is between 2"-3" - the Nuncio from Nine West is my favourite basic (see left) while an evening shoe could be as high as 3" before looking out of proportion. For wedges and platforms, keep to 1.5" of platform height, 3.5" or so for heel height and be mindful of avoiding super chunky platforms which look heavy and thick against small frames. Pumps with covered platforms are especially flattering, and very of the moment. Aren't these Giuseppe Zanotti's from beautiful?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A note on summer fragrances

As the temperature climbs and the flowers bloom, we are compelled towards the bright, fresh scents that mark the entrance of spring and summer!

As the scents of the seasons change, now is a great time to consider a change in the scents we choose for ourselves. I often receive questions about what makes a fragrance suitable for particular events or seasons. Here are a few guidelines for choosing your fragrance for warmer months:

1. Choose a lighter formulation than you would in winter.
Warmer weather and warmer body temperatures intensify fragrance. The strength of fragrances are classified by the concentration of perfume oil present in the formulation, compared to the concentration of water and alcohol that are also present. From lightest to heaviest, fragrances are labeled:

Eau de Cologne (EDC):
this has 3-5% perfume oils and is the lightest and most inexpensive perfume.

Eau de Toilette (EDT): contains 4-15% perfume oils increasing its price.

Eau de Parfum (EDP): this has 15-22% perfume oils increasing its price.

Parfum: contains 22-50% perfume oils and is the highest concentration. This makes it last a lot longer and it is
the most expensive.

Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette are the most appropriate concentrations for the warmer months, helping the fragrance to seem lighter, and fresher. Also, some classic fragrances now come in lighter or summery versions allowing you to enjoy the same fragrance you wear in winter, during the summer. Look for the same fragrance name but with the addition of 'Eau de', 'Eau Fraiche' or 'd'Ete' all of which will suggest a summer version of your favourite scent.

2. Choose simpler fresh or floral fragrances that reflect the fragrances that naturally occur in nature (think spring blooms, the freshness of spring rains or the bright citrus scents of summer). Fragrances are also classified by type or scent category. The basic categories of fragrance include floral, oriental, woody and fresh.

3. Use a light touch: While you might already feel that you can't smell your fragrance because you've chosen a lighter concentration than usual but remember, we often become so accustomed to fragrances and odors that we are surrounded by on a regular basis that we can no longer detect them. Use only 1-2 spritzes of fragrance on your skin so that; as one article delicately states, 'others should perceive the perfume as a continuation of your personality not as an olfactory aggression.'

With these simple guidelines in tow, I wish you happy smelling!

I always love hearing from you, so please keep those emails coming! I can't wait to hear which fragrances become your favourite fragrances for spring/sumer 2008!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sweet Fashion Event for Toronto's Petites

Here's a fresh new way for my petite ladies get the inspiration they've been looking for to turn over a fresh new leaf!

As many of you know, I am an advocate of finding Style Inspirations to help you envision new ways of building your image. One of the resources I have recently found to provide an extra bit of fun for my petites clients is Petite Fashionista is a Toronto-based website that provides fun, flirty, celebrity inspiration for we petite lasses who like to stay on the edge of the trends.

On June 22, Petite Fashionista presents the First Ever Fashion Event for Petite Fashionistas featuring designers who have the petite figure in mind! I am proud to be both behind the scenes as the 'caller' of the show, as well as a sponsor of this premiere fashion event.

Not only will this be a great show featuring styles and combinations with the small figure in mind, but there will also be opportunities to shop from a host of the featured designers - hand picked by petite specialists.

Visit for details and to order tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you there!