Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'Tis The Rainy Season

Spring really is on its way and, as many of you know, this is my favourite season - so I couldn't be happier!

There is one thing about the season that I have found perplexing: how to cope with the unpredictable rain in a fashionable, sophisticated way. The onslaught of patterned plastic boots over the past couple of years has had me up in arms. They have been for the most part, to me, the rain proof equivalent of uggs: an efficient way to ruin an otherwise well thought-out outfit!

The reality is that we do need something to protect us from the wet beyond a classic or funky turn on the trench. My wishes have been received by a number of designers who've upped the ante and created practical, age-appropriate rain accessories to go with your ubiquitous tan or black topper.

Here three of my top picks for my Ladies:

The Burberry: I like this heart pattern better on the umbrella than I do on the rain boot. The embossed logo boot is just "so!" Don't you think?

For those with attitude, I love this combination of the Jimmy Choo for Hunter (yes, that's right) Crock print boot and a monogrammed umbrella. Of course, there are more reasonably priced rainboots with a similar look, but....these are fun too! You could also sub in a rubberized motorcycle boot for more downtown appeal.

And I'm sure you didn't think I would leave you hanging without an animal print rendition...did you? A sophisticated but fun version from Stuart Weitzman and a simple umbrella to match. I love the surrounding effect of the Fulton Birdcage Umbrella, but it does come in a regular umbrella shape as well. And, if it's good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Try This Trend: Socks & Sandals

For years people have told me I was crazy - how can you wear socks and sandals? Well my friends, this is where my favourite fashion phrase easily comes to mind: 'Never say never!'

I hate to say I told you so, but yes, socks and sandals are en vogue this year and there are ways to wear this trend successfully.

First, a proviso: this is not a trend for everyone. It is best on those whose style is along the lines of "Ingenue," it should most always be worn for off-work-hours occasions (unless your profession is in fashion or otherwise crAlign Lefteative fields predominated by youth), and for daytime or casual fun evenings.

Second, the rules for success:
  1. Start slowly...try a black & beige crochet tight with a black dress and platform black dress sandal or a cream crochet ankle sock with brown wedge sandals under trouser jeans to transition to this Spring trend
  2. Choose socks made of a nylon or lightweight silk or nylon blend from mostly opaque to sheer. Thick/casual socks will not work.
  3. Choose a dressier or funkier sandal always with heel height - either a wedge or a chunky heel. Never a flat or Birkenstock-type sandal...we're going for fashion, not overnight camp.
  4. Choose an ankle sock and avoid knee-highs
  5. Choose socks and sandals within a few steps of the colour family of each other to decrease the possibility of looking tacky...and increase the chicness.
  6. Choose a pattern or detail that corresponds the mood of your outfit.
So! That said, here are a few examples of the runways that did this trend justice: