Friday, October 22, 2010

Lift and Separate - Your Rear?

In the MSN/Sympatico article How to Dress Your Womanly Curves I provided a few style tips on how to avoid the dreaded Muffin Top. Another rear-view issue is figuring out how to lift and separate for a fuller behind. A fuller-looking rear end has been a coveted feature for a number of seasons now, and there are a number of ways to enhance what you've got....

1. Cut & Style
For flat rears, look for mid to high rise bottoms that fit well across the rear. No sagging under your tush or excess material across the top where your tush and your back meet. Trouser style pants can be a great choice. The pant should fall straight from the mid-rear to the hem, no hugging, pulling or sagging anywhere along the way.

2. Something in Your Pocket
Pocket placement and detail are critical! For a perky rear view, back pockets should be slightly raised on the pant, and placed straight on, or at a slight angle. Embellishment, and patch or box details are great tush enhancers.
Also note the pocket:tush ratio: Too small pocket = overwhelming tush, too big pocket = disappearing tush. Not good.

Not Your Daughter's Jeans have a 'Lift & Tuck' Technology that actually supports your bottom line!

3. Magic Pants!
The right foundation counts! There are lots of online resources, but having a pro fit you at a specialty shop like Avec Plaisir is as important for underwear as it is for bras.

Tush lifting undies are cleverly shaped and seamed to hike you up & round you out using your own shape. Want more? Try butt lifters & padded enhancers that are comfortable, breathable, and natural looking to....boot.

No matter what stylist tips & tricks you choose, what's most important is that every tush can look great - so proud of yours, and flaunt what you've got!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Women: Military Inspired Accessories

Many of you have asked about the military trend, with this question: How can I pull off the military trend without going over the top?

There's a lot of military inspired boots out there. Buying a pair that will last more than one season depends on being able to find some that pay homage to the trend without going full-force into it.

Here are some that I like:

Tory Burch bootie! Lovely!
This one was featured in the September issues of Vogue and Lucky!
Frye Veronica Shorties are great if you just...can't...bear...heels ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Men: The Waxed Jacket

OK Guys,

So many of you have written and called me about that FANTASTIC jacket I spotted on the street in my demo reel.

That jacket is a waxed cotton field jacket, and the style is reminiscent of the typical outerwear of the British countryside. According to the Barbour website, the main function of the treated fabric was to keep sailors, riverworkers, navymen, and the dock and shipyard workers who were wearing them dry in the damp weather.

While this highly functional fabric has been brought back in a more tailored, urban capacity, you can find a number of similar renditions in variations on the theme. Part utility, part woodsy, part urban-guy-about-town, here are some of my faves:
This is the one from the video! By Rag & Bone, get it at Uncle Otis

The Woodland from JCrew...and they ship to Canada
Not waxed but a nice slim utility style jacket from The Gap

Happy Hunting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Could Your Image Consultant (hehem that'd be me) Be on TV?

I recently posted my demo reel for the Marilyn Denis show auditions (I know!) and so many of you contacted me to tell me that the styles I pointed out inspired you to action! I was so impressed I just had to post about it.

I'm going to break out a few options for the great Fall trends I noted in that video, so those of you still pining for those items can see a few different Trademark worthy options...more to come!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall's Extreme Trends. How much is too much?

This fall we're seeing all manner of extreme trends from Military to Big, Chunky Knits to Canadiana and, one of my favourites: Animal Prints! asked me to give a few tips on how to work the new trends without becoming a fashion victim. You can check out my 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' here: How Much is Too Much?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Dressing - for YOU! Not the Turkey (or tofurkey)

In the Fall I always look forward to that day, that one day, where the leaves turn from green to shades of gold, tan, burnt orange and deep crimson. This year, it seemed to happen overnight! And yet, despite the leaves falling, the temperatures are balmy for this time of year.

So what to wear, then, for your Thanksgiving gatherings when cable knits and cozy layers seem a bit premature and you just know you'll be running around on last minute errands, or after kids? Especially if you're the Host-with-the-Most!

Keep it casual, but thoughtful and just a little bit festive. No reason why a pair of dark denim can't make an appearance at your family gathering so long as their jazzed up a bit. And that goes for my ladies and my men!

Here's a relaxed but snappy couple for inspiration...