Monday, July 30, 2007

Hair Today, Hidden Tomorrow!

Ever wondered how to make a daytime 'do look sleek and sophisticated? Tired of trying to hide that nasty bright pink hair elastic/crazy bobby pins/massive scrunchy during meetings?

Part of making it happen by is using hair accessories that almost disappear into the hair, leaving the beauty of the hairdo to speak for itself. Until recently it's been difficult trying to rid your hair accessory drawer of the multi-coloured elastics and pins hasn't it? Goody(R) has finally made it easy with their new Colour Collection(TM) line of clips, elastics and headbands.

Goody(R)'s technology has been edging ever forward as they introduced new Stay-Put(TM) elastics for athletic pursuits, and narrow stretchy-fabric headbands for the fashion-forward types. They've now combined these technologies with their newest collection that gears itself uniquely to each hair colour category!
Discover how to use their subtle and grown-up looking ribbon covered hairbands to create a gently pulled back daytime look, or their stay-put hair elastics for a sleek office-ready pony. Or, be creative but still sohpisticated by using a combination of their stretchy reversable headwraps and claw grips for a fashion-forward look. They even have scrunchies if you absolutely must, but there are so many comfortable alternatives in this collection, it shouldn't be hard to find a new, more refined, replacement (please oh please).

Finally, grown-up hair accessories that let you to create sleek 'dos for work or play - hiding your tools from view and keeping YOU front and centre. In two shades for each of blonde, red, brunette, and black hair, you'll be sure to find the right combination for your lovely locks!