Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fall 2007 Women's Trends

Can you believe that it's time to think about fall fashion already? Just as we get into the swing of summer the stores are about to provide us with great fall trends to swoon over.

SO! For those who have had to listen to my ranting about what's coming up next - and for those who are ready to hear it for the first time....a preview of fall's most exciting trends:

The Jacket: in many permutations this season their is newness to make jackets ever more the item to spruce up your wardrobe with. Utility, Leather, Ladylike, Cropped or Swing, there's a version for every personal style and every occasion.

Dresses: The fluid dress of summer evolves into a more structured, sophisticated version of itself for fall. The Tailored Shift, Short-Sleeve Crew Neck, Shirred Bubble Minis, Swing Strapless they're all coming and they're fabulous!

High Waisted Pants: For everyone who has had to listen to me for the past six months as I lamented the lack of choice in high waisted jeans, you won't have to hear it anymore! THEY'RE HERE! The high rise is novel, and it will be fun to try as an alternative to those super lows.

Wide Leg Pants: From flared bottoms to full palazzo styles, with high, regular or low rise, we will move away from the skinny leg to something more full for fall.

Returning Trends: As we have been seeing for the past few fall seasons tartan, embellishment, leather, sweater dressing and menswear inspired looks and fabrics are all back for fall!!

While it's still a good 30 degrees in the shade, it's still nice to dream about all the fun we'll have in fall....

Guys - your trends are coming too, sit tight! ;)

See you in the stores!