Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ukrainian Fashion Hits the Canadian Landscape

I often have the opportunity to check out new fashion and accessories collections few have been as exciting or varied as new addition ASL (Age, Sex, Location) from Ukraine. I had the opportunity to view their F/W 09-10 collection at a show put on at Ultra Supper Club. While on a recent visit to Europe, two Canadian sisters, Lucy Tregubenko and Alexandra Nikitchina came across the gorgeous Ready-to-Wear, that their gut told them would be a perfect addition to the Canadian fashionscape.

The line exclusively uses Italian fabrics (from the likes of Valentino)and designs range from subdued to extreme, all sharing a great attention to detail. Not for the faint of heart, many in the line are special occasion pieces with an overall 'Euro-Chic meets Bombshell' feel - don't you just feel like a young Catherine Denueve or Jane Birkin could show up at any minute?