Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Men: The Waxed Jacket

OK Guys,

So many of you have written and called me about that FANTASTIC jacket I spotted on the street in my demo reel.

That jacket is a waxed cotton field jacket, and the style is reminiscent of the typical outerwear of the British countryside. According to the Barbour website, the main function of the treated fabric was to keep sailors, riverworkers, navymen, and the dock and shipyard workers who were wearing them dry in the damp weather.

While this highly functional fabric has been brought back in a more tailored, urban capacity, you can find a number of similar renditions in variations on the theme. Part utility, part woodsy, part urban-guy-about-town, here are some of my faves:
This is the one from the video! By Rag & Bone, get it at Uncle Otis

The Woodland from JCrew...and they ship to Canada
Not waxed but a nice slim utility style jacket from The Gap

Happy Hunting!