Friday, June 8, 2007

CBC's Metro Morning with Andy Barrie and Trademark Image Consulting

This morning marked the start of a mini-media blitz for Trademark Image Consulting as I was given the opportunity to spend some time with Toronto's most listened to morning radio show: Metro Morning on CBC.

The McGuinty government has declared that Ontario government offices will do their part to reduce the energy strain this summer by keeping their thermostats set to 26 degrees Celsius. The question posed to Trademark: How do you keep cool and professional when the temperatures soar?

While our personal summer plans may be chock full of trips to the cottage, our business image should never go on vacation. As offices relax their dress codes to accommodate rising temps, employees see an opportunity to break free from the layers worn in cooler months. No matter the weather, our appearance always influences people's perception of our credibility and authority.

Office Dress Rule of Thumb: Always dress for work with your professional goals in mind. Are you in management? A jacket will continue to portray the authority required. Desire a promotion? Remaining consistent in your professional attire shows your intent to succeed.

Hot Weather "GO FOR ITS!"
  • Go for suits of cotton poplin, tropical/superlightweight wools, or cotton blends
  • Go for polished and professional footwear
  • Go for brightening your shirts, blouses and accessories
  • Go for trade in blazers for light cardigans/fashion jackets for women or dress shirts/pressed polos for men
  • Go for enjoy the new dress/jacket or city short/blazer combos with corporate accessories - treat them as a suit and wear with office pumps & accessories
  • Go for maintaining elegant grooming that accommodates heat (if your hair has personality in humidity find simple ways to sleekly pull it back or tame it down)
  • Go for a pedicure! Pay extra attention to your feet and legs if your office permits open toe shoes and bare legs (ladies only please!)

Hot Weather "PASSES"
  • Pass on cleavage (no amount of cleavage is ever appropriate in the office, but you knew that already!)
  • Pass on using casual dress codes to don weekend or athletic gear
  • Pass on suits with short-shorts or mini-skirts. They may be in stores, but I assure you they should not be in the office.
  • Pass on letting evening or weekend plans determine your work attire. Day-to-evening outfits always require tweaking to make them appropriate for each event.
  • Pass on unlayered tank tops in the office. If bare shoulders are acceptable in your workplace be mindful - spaghetti straps, halter and tube tops are never appropriate, but more sophisticated sleeveless blouses or shells may work with a jacket on hand.
  • Pass on the following:
    • Logo/Promotional clothing (particularly from other companies),
    • Oversized or Tight clothing, both read as unprofessional
    • Midriffs
    • Cleavage
    • Short-shorts
    • Mini-skirts
    • Flip Flops/Sandals
    • Athletic clothing (unless you are in an athletic environment)
    • Tube/Spaghetti Strap/Halter tops
Avoiding simple mistakes can make the difference between summer slob or sleek professional. Enjoy your summer dressing!