Thursday, June 14, 2007

Talking Image on Fairchild TV

This week my press included an afternoon taping for Timeline Magazine on Fairchild TV, the largest Chinese TV network in Canada.

The focus: new moms and parents returning to work after parental leave.

The question: Why would a stay-at-home mom need an image consultant? Implicit in the question: aren't they just at home?

Stay-at-home parents (I prefer Domestic Goddess and Domicile King) often concentrate so much on the details of running a home and keeping a family healthy, safe and happy, that they often forget to care for themselves. It can get to a stage where it no longer feels important! Imagine the affect that has on one's emotional wellbeing, on a subconscious level. More and more research shows that those who care for themselves are able to provide more and better care to others. Still, where's the time?

Working with an image consultant can help put hours back into your day by helping you define your style, weeding out items or habits that no longer serve you, and making the shopping process simpler, faster and more satisfying. An image consultant doesn't only help you understand your best colours and silhouettes so that shopping is easier and faster, but they can also help you discover new combinations of clothing, demystify fabric care instructions and shop FOR you so that you have great items, chosen with your lifestyle needs, body type and personality in mind, leaving you free to tend to the other more important things in your busy day. Not having time will become less of an excuse, and feeling great about yourself each day will make your job easier to enjoy! Can it be any better than that?