Thursday, October 1, 2009

Try This Trend!

Big Shoulders and Power Suiting

I love the 80s resurgence but the broad shoulders of the 80s can’t be back! Well, guess what? They are. Now I have a theory about just why these have returned – in the 80s they were the perfect armor for the droves of women hitting the work force and needing to insulate themselves against the ever increasing difficulties they were facing there.

Look a bit closer and we’ll see that this time around there’s a strong influence from the 40s as well – a leaner time, when we might postulate that people needed the protection of stiff, powerful clothes to insulate them against the fearsome socio-economic times they faced. History tends to repeat itself, so no matter which era seems closer to your heart, there could be a reason you might be attracted to the power suiting so prominent this fall.

This one’s tricky, and choosing one tough piece at a time will help you keep the look trendy rather than period: for example, choose either a broad shouldered jacket or a top with shoulder pads but not both together. Best to keep the look a bit ironic and play with soft and stiff textures for the most personalized look. Here are a couple of examples to whet your whistle:

Boyfriend Blazer, Vince

Belted Melange Jersey Dress, Donna Karan

Lightweight Wool Suit with Oversized Blazer, Banana Republic