Saturday, April 3, 2010

Try This Trend: Socks & Sandals

For years people have told me I was crazy - how can you wear socks and sandals? Well my friends, this is where my favourite fashion phrase easily comes to mind: 'Never say never!'

I hate to say I told you so, but yes, socks and sandals are en vogue this year and there are ways to wear this trend successfully.

First, a proviso: this is not a trend for everyone. It is best on those whose style is along the lines of "Ingenue," it should most always be worn for off-work-hours occasions (unless your profession is in fashion or otherwise crAlign Lefteative fields predominated by youth), and for daytime or casual fun evenings.

Second, the rules for success:
  1. Start slowly...try a black & beige crochet tight with a black dress and platform black dress sandal or a cream crochet ankle sock with brown wedge sandals under trouser jeans to transition to this Spring trend
  2. Choose socks made of a nylon or lightweight silk or nylon blend from mostly opaque to sheer. Thick/casual socks will not work.
  3. Choose a dressier or funkier sandal always with heel height - either a wedge or a chunky heel. Never a flat or Birkenstock-type sandal...we're going for fashion, not overnight camp.
  4. Choose an ankle sock and avoid knee-highs
  5. Choose socks and sandals within a few steps of the colour family of each other to decrease the possibility of looking tacky...and increase the chicness.
  6. Choose a pattern or detail that corresponds the mood of your outfit.
So! That said, here are a few examples of the runways that did this trend justice: