Monday, November 1, 2010

Moustaches for a Cause - It's Movember!

In October, many of us are focused on raising funds and awareness about Breast Cancer and Children's Charities, but in November there is another opportunity to come together and this time it's all about the men.

Since 2003, November has also been celebrated as Movember! A month during which men change their physical features by growing a moustache and accepting donations for men's health, specifically prostate cancer research. What a fun way not only to raise funds for an important cause, but to also have an opportunity to experiment with your personal image!

What can facial hair do for you? I couldn't agree more with eHow on this one:
1. A moustache can reduce the look of a receding hairline by directing attention toward the lower half of your face
2. A beard or goatee can add strength to a weaker jawline
3. A short beard or nicely trimmed moustache can add definition and shape to a round face
4. Narrower moustaches plus a small patch of hair under the lower lip (aka a soul patch) balances thin lips, high foreheads and/or large noses
5. A narrow, closely trimmed moustache that follows the natural curves of your lips can emphasize a well shaped mouth.
5. A goatee can provide a softening counterpoint to sharp facial features like a sharp nose or small mouth
6. A closely clipped beard or 5 o'clock shadow can make more mature facial shapes look refreshed and current! They add softness and can give the illusion of taughtness to the skin!

Wearing facial hair with style:
1. Make sure that wearing facial hair is ok at work. If it takes you a long time to grow your facial hair, you may with to start with a full beard and shave down to the moustache when you've reached your desired length.
2. Understand that just as in clothing, each face shape can support different shapes of facial hair
3. Research different facial hair designs and plan to groom in that direction for the month
4. Keep your facial hair neat and tidy with the right tools (like your razor of choice, a moustache comb and trimmer)

For more information on how to participate in Movember, visit Movember Canada.

With so many famous attractive moustachioed men out there like Jamie Foxx, Jude Law, and the timeless Tom Selleck, I would certainly suggest having fun with this one.