Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Wondering...

OK, so we're facing December and Toronto is the only city in the country that has yet to see full-on snow. I hope I'm not 'jinxing' the situation but I am glad it gives us a bit more time to talk about winter coats and accessories.

I recently helped a client to get out of her black coat rut with the purchase of a beautiful royal purple boucle car length coat which we accessorized with a deep pink zigzag pleated scarf and coordinating black-plum leather gloves. Topping it off were a pair of black winterized suede 'shoeties' boots with delicate silver studs on the heels and a gorgeous black leather bag with a shoulder strap long enough to go over a coat sleeve.

Can you imagine what a joy she will be to look in the middle of February? She can't wait for the cold!

I know not everyone is brave enough to give up a black winter coat, and that's ok! It makes a fantastic base for interesting accessories! In fact, a reader, Andrea, wrote me with a question that I'm sure many of you have: "Tamara, is it ok to wear a black coat with a black bag and brown boots?"

I suppose it is, but I think we can have a lot more fun here. A couple of things to remember:
  1. We have winter for a loooong time. I advise my clients to build a wardrobe of winter outerwear that suits their needs. For heaven's sake, would you wear the same outfit every day for 6 months? Didn't think so. So why would you wear the same coat, boots, and winter accessories every day until the thaw?
  2. The idea is to make this outer layer look like just as much a thoughtful outfit as the rest of your clothing. Have fun with the accessories! They're easy to build on, replace and jazz up!
Here are a couple interesting & elegant options for that black coat, one that uses that brown accent but bumps it up by incorporating this winter's fur trend & one that uses berry tones and a little rock 'n roll bling:

These are two simple ways to create interest with that plain old black winter coat. What's your favourite way to accessorize for winter?