Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Day City Vacation, 1 Carry-On Bag

At the Delano Hotel on a very lovely golden chair

After 7 gorgeous days in beautiful Miami, can you imagine how excited I was to come back the day before 'Snowmagedon'? *Sigh* I just couldn't stay way from you though! And, as promised I took lots of photos of the outfits I created from the carry-on bag of clothing I packed for my trip.
Did you create your own set of outfits from my previous post?

I knew you would be able to put together all the basic outfits that could be created, you know: sweater with jeans, the T-shirt with shorts, or the tank top with shorts or jeans, so I wanted to show you a quick snap shot of some of the OTHER outfits I created! Honestly, with this amount of clothing I could have stayed another week and still have had variety...

Casual Day Going to Coconut Grove

Flat Shoes Were Key for Walking Around South Beach & Going to Joe's Stone Crab!

Quick Change of Jacket, Evening Bag & Heels and I Was Ready for Dinner in Brickell Village

Out for the Evening

Keeping it Simple

A Little Sheen Goes a Long Way for Dinner at Michy's (best meal!!)

Cool Out Today...

My 'Plane Outfit' Wearing my Beach Tunic as a Top (double duty!)