Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Sweat It: You CAN Look Hot at the Gym!

So how is that resolution to get in shape coming along? I've noticed a distinct change in the traffic flow to my favourite gyms in the past couple of weeks as enthusiasm wanes and the 'February blahs' take hold. I think it's just about time for new riff on that commitment to fitness. After all, it's only 4 weeks until the official start of Spring!

People often tell me they don't think they need to up their image at the gym and then say what a drag it is putting on their schleppy old clothes to go work out. There are A LOT of mirrors at the gym. While last thing you may want to do is look into gigantic mirrors with fluorescent lights beaming down from above creating unflattering shadows, it's necessary in order to maintain proper form, prevent injury, and witness our own improvement. Wouldn't you love to look great AND perform well at the gym?

Old grey Tshirts, faded black sweats, ratty sneakers and a pair of sponges to protect your hand when you hold weights? Definitely more utilitarian than inspiring.

All you need to create a working workout wardrobe is:

2 pairs of flattering tech-fabric pants in a neutral colour like black or grey - choose a boot cut or a wide cut for a flattering long leg
2 - 4 mix 'n match athletic tops in two coordinating colours
1 - 2 layering tops like jackets or zip-up sweatshirts in your coordinating palette
a fun pair of trainers that fit well and look good
1 sport watch
1 pair of weight lifting gloves
1 gym bag

Trademark Trick: Your trainers will be the most critical part of your workout gear, so choose a couple of pairs of them first and let the accent colours on them guide your colour choices in your other workout gear for an overall coordinated look.

Here are two options for women:

The motivation of having a great selection of fun workout gear can really help you look forward to this part of your routine, so don't shy away from wanting to look your best when you're burning calories!

Not sure you can pull this together? Give me a call, I would love to help you get ready to get sweaty!