Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hats ON to Headgear!

What's the single easiest way to:
  1. Beat summer heat
  2. Avoid burnt noses, cheeks and scalps
  3. Prevent crow's feet and
  4. Amp up style?
With a hat! They are a key trend this summer for both men and women, but it can be tough to find one that suits. Knowing the trends is one way, but using your face shape as a guide can also help you narrow down what will work for you in any season.

Trademark Tips:

Round: Choose a hat with sharper lines, and medium - high crown height with a slight taper. Medium brims that are turned up or that can be angled are great, especially if the hat is positioned forward or asymmetrically to lengthen your face.
Try This: Fedoras, Panamas, Stetsons, or Sunhats (for my ladies).
Square: This shape needs curvier lines to offset its angular strength. Look for a medium - high crown height that appear full and round. A turned up brim helps soften features, especially if worn with a side tilt or high on your head to break up 'squariness.'
Try This: Homburgs (like a Fedora with permanently turned up sides), Fedoras, Berets or Newsboys worn high and slanted and big floppy Sunhats (for my ladies).

Long: Sharp, straight styles with a lower crown and a medium - wide brim are best. Wear it straight or forward with the brim kept straight to balance out the length of your face beautifully.
Try This: Western/Stetson styles, Fedoras, Baseball & Newsboy caps
Heart/Diamond: Look for a medium height crown in a square or round shape, and give it a tilt to one side. Small brims and curved brims will soften the point of your chin.
Try This: Fedoras, Cloches and Profile brim hats (for my ladies)
Oval: Considered the 'ideal' face shape, an oval face can wear almost any style of hat well! (Lucky!)
The Fedora fits so nicely into just about every category.It's not only a versatile pick but it also happens to be The Hat of the season for both guys and girls.

Want to try a hat but not sure it's for you? I love the reasonable prices and variety of styles at Big It Up. For a custom look, there's no better gem than Lilliput Hats. See what kind of personality a hat can add to your accessories wardrobe!