Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

A fresh new year is like opening a new notebook. The pages are crisp and just waiting to be filled with new adventures, realizations and commitments. It's also a great time for a make-over!

I am a firm believer that thought leads to action. I believe that getting your mind on board first helps to get your body, your spirit and your life on track naturally.

Make your 2010 make-over a success:

1. Outline two or three goals in each area of your life (some could be: relationships, work, image, spirituality) that you would like to accomplish this year.

2. Write each goal down in a positive and active voice. In the area of image, for example: "I have a great wealth of self confidence!"

3. Write them down again, this time with details. What do you really want to happen? For example: "I am proud of my body, I have a wardrobe I love to wear and I have a self-care routine that is effortless to maintain. Other people notice how confident I am in my own skin. I am happier than ever!"

4. Get a calendar - one you look at all the time - and write down each goal on the date you want to achieve them. For our example, your ultimate goal might coincide with a special event (reunion, return to work etc), and intermittent goals could include items like fitness goals or a series of make-over program appointments with your Style Coach.

5. Write down the small, daily steps it will take for you to reach each goal. Breaking down large goals into easily achievable steps is key to your success. For example: "Start my day with a healthy breakfast that will make me feel great", "Go for a 20-minute walk after dinner" or "hire, and have a style consultation with, my Style Coach."

6. Make appointments for those baby steps to make your goals a reality!

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Trademark has a lot of goals for 2010 too, with many changes ahead to bring you more exciting content and services! I look forward to revealing them as the year progresses.

Happy 2010 everyone! It's going to be an exciting year!