Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ask Tamara: What does 'Summer Chic' mean?

A few months ago I wrote an Ask Tamara segment called Cracking Wedding Dress Codes for Men and now that we've hit summer full force, more and more invitations with creative dress codes are coming our way!

On a recent shopping trip with one of my client-couples, we tackled outfits for a 'Summer Chic' event. A 'Summer Chic' dress code is about as foggy a notion as reaching for your Sangria through a cloud of BBQ smoke. A few questions help to properly define the dress code:
  1. What time of day is the event? 7:00pm on (cocktail to evening)
  2. Where is the event being held? An -in-the-know urban venue complete with grassy rooftop patio
  3. What is the event celebrating? Well-known brand re-launch (business & networking!)
For the gentleman of my couple, we played down a great summer suit, a patterned dress shirt with a casual pique tie, & a coordinating pocket square. Casual accents like a rolled up pant cuff, sockless feet & suede slip-on shoes add personality!

For the woman of my couple, we found a beautiful flow-y chiffon summer dress, strappy leather platforms (and an extra pair of embellished sandals just in case!), fun, colourful chunky jewelry and an unexpectedly joyous clutch!

With looks like these, it's easy to enjoy the party!