Monday, March 15, 2010

Ask Tamara: Cracking Wedding Dress Codes for Men

While on a recent Shopping Field Trip, a client asked me how to know what kind of suit would be appropriate for a wedding. He wanted to feel appropriate for the occasion without compromising his unique stylish flair.

So, what does a guy wear to a wedding?

The answer can be as simple as a classic dark suit, but for those who want to bring some personal style to their attire, there are many options that give men the chance to have just about as much fun getting ready for a joyous event as women do!

Many invitations will have the expected dress code already stated on the invitation. Classic dress codes include: White Tie, Black Tie, Black Tie Optional/Formal, while others become more creative (and confusing) by inventing their own. I've seen dress codes that have included: "Country Club Casual", "Beach Formal/Beach Chic", and "Festive Attire"... these ones usually illicit confusion and a collective "WHAT?"

The first step to decoding this language of dress codes is to note the season, location, and time of day of the wedding. These factors should help to narrow down the parameters of appropriateness. If they don't help enough, it is always OK to ask a member of the bridal party for help. The Bride & Groom are under enough stress, so try to accommodate that by feeding requests through their party who are there with the mission to help.

In the case of this client, the wedding is for a member of his immediate family. While he may not be in the wedding party, he will be a part of the event, and will have a certain amount of attention paid to him throughout the evening. The wedding is in summer, and will be a small evening affair, with a semi-formal feeling.

We decided to go with a linen blend suit in chocolate brown with a double black stripe, a lightweight black woven with woven tone-on-tone stripe shirt and chocolate brown tie with a black and white repeat pattern. A fantastic pair of cognac wingtip shoes and a matching cognac belt complete this funky formal look. While the outift fits the dress code, it will be anything but stuffy or boring! This is a suit look that can dance!

While the wedding is a few months away yet, the outfit ready to go and all that's left is to enjoy the celebration!