Monday, January 17, 2011

Get Dressed UP When You're Feeling Down!

Get Dressed UP When You Feel Down!

This year, January 17th has the dubious honour of being 'Blue Monday', known as the most depressing day of the year. If you woke up with that 'down' feeling today, now you'll know why!

There's an neat calculation that identifies this day and pseudo-science/marketing ploy or not, I'd love to focus on how to face a dreary day with as much gusto and happiness as you can muster!

Tamara's Top 5 Tips for Dressing Up When You're Feeling Down

1. Choose colour - for yourself and for others!
Reds evoke activeness, positivity and energy, add a little to your outfit to coax an outgoing attitude.
Oranges a dose of wardrobe vitamin C! Known as a bright, fun, and conversational, a touch of orange may help promote social feelings and feelings of excitement.
Yellows The colour of spontaneity, yellows appeal as cheerful, warm, and inspired.
Purples inspire creativity, drama and draw people in. Use it to bring out your charm and allure!
2. Get Tactile
Choose fabrics that feel good on the skin give yourself a light touch every time you move and may give those around around you a cue to 'be nice'. There's nothing like super soft cottons, silks or cashmere to give you a bit of a lift. They feel luxurious, special and comforting - all great mood boosters!
3. Go To Your Go-Tos
Today's the perfect day for your no-fail outfit, the one that fits to a T and is complete with the right accessories. What could be better than setting yourself up for confidence boosting compliments?
4. Get Grooming!
Today's the day to put a little extra effort in making it a great hair day, and having your favourite cosmetics in place - even if that's just a little moisturizer and chapstick.
5. Put on a SMILE!
You're never fully dressed without it, and nothing does more to increase your face value ;) (how could I resist)

Kind of like going to the gym is normally the best thing you can do to fight lack of motivation, putting a little extra effort in your wardrobe routine goes a long way to combatting those 'I just don't wanna' feelings. Use these tips and you'll start to feel happy in no time!

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