Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gonna Dress You Up in My Love...

Love is in the air...everywhere you look around....

In fact, while I was shopping at Holt Renfrew on the weekend I was gifted with a red foil wrapped heart shaped chocolate by a cupid-patterned boxer short and red feather wing wearing model and his red bodysuited & tutued assistant. It may not have been love, but it was lovely none-the-less.
It got my brain whirring....After all, as Holt's red clad staff subtly pointed out: Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Whether you're in a relationship or committing yourself to new dates and new love, what you wear on a date can increase your success in holding, or increasing, the interest of the apple of your eye.

Chris DeBurg was on to something with his song 'Lady in Red'. If you're asking yourself "Tamara, are you serious?" Oh yes, I am! And so are Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta, of the University of Rochester. Their studies show that in the context of dating women who wear red:
  1. Effortlessly draw their male companion to sit closer to them and ask them more intimate questions
  2. Are seen as more attractive and and desirable
  3. Are Treated to a higher quality/more expensive date
The best part is that the 'red factor,' in the context of dating, works both ways! Other findings by Elliot and Niesta conclude that women find men who wear red to be:
  1. More powerful
  2. More high-status
Really! Take a look at this clip of Prof. Elliot talking about their study findings.

As I always say: the more strings on your bow, the better! With this positive start, you can feel confident in letting your personality shine even brighter when you're out on that date.
So if you're looking for love, instead of giving a cynical snort, respond with a resounding "YES!" the next time someone asks you if you'll be donning red for Valentine's Day!

I'm glad we got that covered because with the right colour, we're part of the way there. Want to know how to wear red or what to wear on a date? Contact me! I'd love to help you get confidence boosting looks ready for your next date!