Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Major Fundraiser Goes Glam...

Saturday evening marks the 5th annual Gala Fundraiser for the Royal Ontario Museum. Known as the ROM PROM, this fundraising even is a cornerstone of the Toronto Philanthropic Social Calendar.

I'm thrilled to be attending this year - and will be letting you in on all the best fashion there! The theme this year is NOIR - dark glamour, vintage Hollywood looks and all the fatalism that goes along with it.

Gloria Swanson & William Holden in Sunset Boulevard

So: What to wear?? I paid a visit to my friend Tao Drayton of Cabaret Vintage, tried on a bunch of amazing dresses both pristine vintage as well as from their newly designed vintage-inspired line (you have to try on the Soiree, and they're all made to measure!) and asked him to share his thoughts on the theme:

1. What does Noir or Old Hollywood Glam Mean?

I see Noir style as bold, sexy, moody with emphasized tailoring and detail. The films were often in black and white so people usually think of a grey palette, but the marquis posters showed the vibrant colours of the actual wardrobe, so don't be afraid of colour.

2. What are the hallmarks of evening wear style for women when dressing in the Old Hollywood Style?

The hallmarks to me are luxury, decadence and out of the ordinary. Women wore dresses and gowns of exceptional quality, jewelry that dripped with glamour. Go for lavish, but avoid sweet.

3. What are the hallmarks for men?

For men, I think it's about the suit and a hat if you can! Think Humphrey Bogart, Pinstripe suit, Fedora and Trench coat. For the suit, I recommend a dark colour and a wide lapel.
Humphrey Bogart & Mary Astor (Right) in The Maltese Falcon

4. If you had to make a Top Five List of fashion and accessories to pull off a great Old Hollywood look, what would they be?

1. Fabulous Black Dress
2. Sexy neckline
3. Bold Hat (men and women)
4. Bold Suit (men and women)
5. Attitude!

Thanks for all the great tips, Tao! Can't wait until Saturday night!